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Howard Hesseman
Howard Hesseman sitting in his garage
Howard Hesseman estate sale in garage
Garage with lady security guard and night stick
View from patio
Howard Hesseman's Living Room
Howard Hesseman's African Lion
Dishes and Warhols for sale
Howard Hesseman's front bedroom window
Howard Hesseman's Driveway

     We saw an ad on Craig's List for an estate sale in the Hollywood Hills. We discovered it was a sale of Howard Hesseman belongings, including Haitian art.
     So we drove to the Outpost section of the Hollywood Hills during the Super Bowl to see what they were selling. It was the third day of the sale so we didn't expect much to be left.
     When we got there, we saw Howard just sitting in his garage reading a book. It was pretty exciting to see Dr. Johnny Fever, just hanging out. We were free to room around, so we went out onto his patio and saw a hazy view of Hollywood and downtown L.A.
     There was only one Haitian painting for sale, and it was appraised way too high, even though they were now asking half the appraisal.
     We talked to the young guy who seemed to be kind of running the sale. He told us that Howard and his wife had sold their house of 25 years and moving to the South of France. They were selling 25 years of art and stuff they had collected. There was a giant stuffed reclining lion for over $4500, some leftover furniture, dishes and lots of artwork.
     There was a card table set up in front of the house that had photos of Howard from his TV shows and movies. A sign on the table said that Howard would autograph the pictures for $10. I wanted to ask him if he would sign my autograph book, but I wasn't sure if I'd have to pay him.
     We spoke to him as we left, wishing him good luck with his move and explained we came to look at the Haitian art. He was very nice. He told us there was just the one painting because his wife was keeping the other Haitian paintings. He was dressed in black and looked very tired. I can't imagine spending three days hanging out in your garage and letting strangers walk thru your house.
     We took some quick pictures inside the house and a few more from the car as we left. I put his address into Google and discovered his house was selling for $3.75 million. We were glad he was so successful and did not appear to be selling his house because he was in financial trouble.

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I bought a turntable and a paperback copy of 'Confederacy of Dunces' at that sale. They stamped my book with "From the Library of Howard Hesseman".

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