Fri, 2006-05-26 19:13

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Jane Harman
Jane Harman Supporters

If you drive around Venice and Mar Vista, you'll see many signs for Jane Harman, but they all seem to be posted in empty lots. I see signs for her opponent Marcy Winograd on every block in Venice in actual front yards, but all the signs for Jane Harman are posted on fences in empty lots or on city-owned land. I've yet to see a supporter of Jane post a sign in front of their house.

I DID see a homeless couple sharing something as they were hanging out in the so-called 'Venice Centennial Park' and THEY had a Jane Harman sign attached to one of their shopping carts, but I'm not sure what this means, is she paying them to advertize?

Jane Harman was also quoted saying she believes she is the "best Republican in the Democratic Party." This must be the reason she does not put 'Democrat' on her campaign yard signs.

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