Fri, 2006-04-07 20:55

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Critical Mass

Tonight I found myself surrounded by Critical Mass bike riders. They ride through Venice on the first Friday of the month. I was in a car stopped at a red light at Ocean and Venice when they all appeared and surrounded us. There were maybe 50 bikes waiting for the light to change with us. Everyone was in a good mood, it was like having a moving street party on 100 wheels. Some of the guys in the group were towing a giant boom box on a little bike trailer loudly playing happy bike-riding music (My Sharona by The Knack). I didn't have my camera, so I rushed home to get it and went out searching for them to take their picture. Here they are on Main Street near Brooks. They rode up Sunset to 4th and then circled back down Rose towards Main on their way to the Santa Monica Pier.