Wed, 2005-04-06 23:33


Today, we took a little walk into the lush mountains that surround us. Up what has been over the years a dusty trail, now a rugged, verdant path into a cool, green forest, we were enveloped by wisky grass and flowery vine and tree-arched pathways into beds of foliage that haven't come forth here in at least a decade.
I saw a remarkable flower that popped up from the middle of a green heart-shaped leaf an inch in diameter, the flower a brief cluster of white buds on a slightly arching stalk. They were clustered along the path, about 100 feet, their complete sphere of existence. They burst up above the trodden ground three or four inches, that's all. On the uphill side of the trail, lily leaves suggesting that delicate flowers were to come. We have to return to see the outcome.
The scent of the earth is so different this year, the smell of things burst forth and growing. In the past, it was the aroma of essential oils concentrating in the hot sun. This year, the sweet and savory breeze is subtle and intoxicating. The trees arch over us, concentrating on the moist ground and our breath below them.
The lizards are very large and the boys are bold, showing off, not fleeing, just scampering up ahead. One young man, who had lost his tail, paused, turned to have a long look at us, and ambled up over the side of the trail.
Finally, finally, summer is here, we've drunk deeply from the sweet well of Spring, and look forward to the many adventures that await us.